World Intelligence Analysis Institute (WIAI)

About WIAI:

The World Intelligence Analysis Institute (WIAI) provides intelligence for discriminating individuals and organizations. All products are based on many years of intelligence work in a wide variety of intelligence disciplines. Intelligence Summaries and a weekly newsletter provide insight into today's complex world events.

WIAI Leadership:

The World Intelligence Analysis Institute, a division of Sensor technology and Exploitation Research Company, provides intelligence estimates on subjects of major concern to people who want to be informed on the events of the world.  The objective is to examine the events, probe deeply into the background, status, and players, and provide an assessment as to what the impacts to the world are and how today's events may lead to events of the future. 

The Institute is led by Col. Stephen Anthony (USAF, retired). 

WIAI Analysis:

These analyses are provided in two forms. 

-  The first is in detailed Intelligence Summaries on specific topics.  Overviews of each intelligence summary are provided on this page.  Just select the blue buttons to the right.  The detailed summaries can be ordered through the store for delivery by email.

-  The second is through weekly intelligence newsletters and special "extras" when appropriate due to fast moving events.  These newsletters are provided to all members of the Institute, through subscriptions.