Col. Stephen Anthony (USAF, retired)

40 Years of Intelligence Experience

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STaER Co. is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the State of Michigan to support the advancement of intelligence technologies and operations in support of national and Allied requirements. 

STaER Co. provides both government-sponsored research and unclassified intelligence to commercial and broadcast customers, as well as the general public under subscriptions.

In addition, STaER Co. maintains the World Intelligence Analysis Institute (WIAI) as a division of STaER Co.  WIAI provides current intelligence summaries and a weekly newsletter to members of the Institute.  See the WIAI page.

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STaER Co. and WIAI were founded and are led by Col. Stephen Anthony (USAF, retired).  His resume may be downloaded below.

Resume of Col. Stephen Anthony (USAF, retired) (pdf)